American grapes

The American grapes, also called strawberry or grape grapes isabella is a designation of 'Grapes Labrusca.

This grape owes its name to import from America, and belongs to the American vines, among which the screw Berlandieri, screw riparian and rock.

It is resistant to phylloxera, and because of this property became important as plant grafting, to prevent the attack of this pest.

In Italy a grape or strawberry spread a long time, in many regions of our country, for its distinctive sweet flavor that is also the name of Grape Strawberry.

However there are still some small productions of American grapes, and you can taste the Pandora as a drink based table grape.

This kind of grape has bunches with round grapes, compact, medium-thick.

The training for the American grape varieties in the domestic favorite is the back, although it's easy to find arbors of American grapes, both white, both black.

The American grapes is excellent for eating at the table, and it can also produce wine, but only for family use, as in Italy and in Europe is prohibited the marketing of this type of wine.

Many are also the dessert recipes, traditional and innovative creations, including ingredients is the host to a grape.