The bottling or mise en bouteille takes place after the wine has stabilized.

Before this last phase is good practice to check the wine in its connotations to the necessary amendments of aroma.

In agriculture the moon is still followed in preparing various activities , from  grafts plants to sowing . Regarding the right time to bottle many farmers follow the lunar steps to promote wine in achieve greater clarity and best features .

It is present a long tradition putting in relation bottling and lunar steps : it is recommended you to bottle the first quarter moon to sparkling wines , with the full moon in general for every  wine , with waning moon last quarter for wines that age.

There are various types of bottles, in the form and color, which contain the wine: they are designed to be resistant to the pressure exerted by the wine: for example the glass on the bottom is recessed so that it can withstand the compression forces.

It is consolidated to use glass as a material for the bottling of wine, thanks to its properties of chemical inertia, which do not influence on wine flavor. A study of the  UMR IATE joint research group on engineering agro-polymers has found that the wine loses its connotation of flavor over time in PET containers as opposed to the glass.