Brunch of Grapes

There are various types of grapes of the species Vitis vinifera, and so are various types of grape.

We come now to the shape of the cluster: it is made from the grapes or grains - composed themselves from seeds, pulp and peel; from the stalk - the connecting part between the berries and the branch of the bunch of grapes - and the branch that connects a bunch of grapes on the vine.

The grapes can be divided into white and black, and even the berries of the cluster can take different colors, from green to yellow, from red to purple to dark purple.

During the ripening of the grapes, the grapes undergo veraison, change color dependent in part on weather conditions, in part by the type of grape; It is in this period the berries become larger and heavier.

A historical note: the vine is cultivated since ancient times. At the time of the ancient Roman festivals Bacchanalia, in honor of the deity Bacchus, saw a copious use of wine, beverage derived from transformation of the cluster.