Common spider mite

The common red spider mite Tetranychus urticae also called, is one of the most common mite that affects fruit trees, grape plants, ornamental plants, vegetables.

The common spider mite occurs predominantly in the summer as it is the time when you close the eggs. Usually one brood is about 100/120 red spider mites.

This mite in winter lurks in teams sottaendone the sap of the leaves.

The common red spider you can found for:

- Presence of cobwebs (highlight the fact that the common spider mite is widespread)

- Stains reddish brown color on the leaves

- Visible damage on the plant

- Visible damage on the fruits of the presence of dark spots similar to bruising

The common red spider prefers dry environments, so it is good to keep the soil moist, being careful not to standing water that would create other problems.

Another trick you could do is to sprinkle the ground with flour rocks that keeps away this nasty enemy.