In this section we want to say a few words to tell you about the Grape.

Where did the grapes?

The grape comes from the passion and the care they give to their farmers grape plants.
In fact, with great dedication the land on which are laid is, fertilized, milled, irrigated.

After careful selection of grapes Rooted, planting stories are planted in the ground, and incurred with guardians vineyard. The stakes for vineyard allow the seedling grape to grow strong and healthy, and above all straight. Obviously this is not enough, because you need to create a 'well-studied plant to grow grapes in the best way. So you need to use stakes that depending on the requirement of the farmer can be of various materials. (In this section, however, 'we want to talk about the grapes, for products for the vineyard could see the our site directly to the product section)

The grapes we can find it in the form of table grapes, raisins and thanks to the careful attention of winemakers can 'be turned into wine.