Green Manure

Green manure or grassing  is a technique used more and more frequently in agriculture.

It is used to make the soil rich of the nutrients given by the species planted, that will be cut or buried at the end of their growth.

Using green manure is not only to get fertilized  the soil that will be planted, but also to stabilize the soil and help in retaining water and reducing erosion:  is essential for soils with steep slope.

It is of benefit agaianst the pest and many weeds, with the help of the species used for the grassing of the vineyard: you notice for example a reduction in attacks of botrytis.

The choice of species is important for the regulation of nutrients, and above all must be targeted to not give damage to the cultivation.

For this reason, in a vineyard are preferred in the time of making the green manure varieties that have a reduced root system, an aerial part that does not compete with the vineyard: in general have a poor nutrient need, not to subtract to the screw.

For green manure in a vineyard grasses are preferrable than legumes, being more resistant, with less need of water, with rapid growth.

It is a good idea and in common use mix in the green manure more variety, to take advantage of the strengths of the different plants: Lolium, Festuca, Trifolium.