Mildew of the wine

Mildew vine or better defined mildew on grapes, is a vine disease spread on the peninsula. Since ancient times, the major problems of mildew were found in Southern and Insular, only recently is undergoing an infection also in northern Italy.

Hatred of the vine (Mal White) can 'be compared to late blight and can' be very damaging on wine production both in quantity and quality. The reason why this fungus is propagated and 'due to the fact that its proliferation does not affect on climate trends.

Mildew can 'infect all organs of green vine causing the most damage on inflorescences, on grapes and on the berries, both directly and indirectly by altering the load.

How to recognize the mildew of the vine?

The first signs are evident of translucent yellowish spots begin to appear on the leaves which if left untreated can worsen over the entire leaf, causing the wrinkle, the lack of growth, the signs brunasti and after the early loss of leaves and petioles.

How to combat the mildew of the vine?

There are two paths to follow in order to combat the mildew of the vine:
- Begin treatment as soon as the buds come in 3.5 cm using (wettable sulfur or powdered) Caution at this stage can not be used to defend against peronosporica products.

- The second phase will be during the establishment of bunches, the beginning of flowering until its pre-closure. At this stage you can use both products for the defense and for the defense against powdery mildew from peronosporica. Attention is important to use products with the same hedging products. These treatments can be made no more than three times as this may accentuate the strains resistant to mildew and then infect then all plants.