A product obtained by organic methods can be certified organic in accordance with the regulations of the European community.

Various standards are used in the following regulations, with which both the grapes and the wine can be certified organic.

It 'also important to consider the development of rural background, a condition necessary for the implantation of an organic vineyard [1].

More than in other systems, in an organic vineyard zoning - the identification of the areas most suitable for different climatic conditions, soil, pathogens - is useful to prepare from the beginning an appropriate facility.

Resistant grafts combined with a provision of the rows related to the peculiarities of the terrain - rittochino, girapoggio in the hilly areas, headlands, ditches, ..- are closely related to the experiences and local crops, the "genius loci".

Challenging is the biological defense against parasites, relying on a limited set of types of preventive  substances [2]. Attracting substances  and pheromones are usable only on located distributor;  to protect the pruning is possible to employ for example beeswax.

Traditional for a organic vineyard is the use, subject to regulation, of compounds based on copper and sulfur - hydroxide and copper sulfate, calcium polysulphide, cuprous oxide, .. - to combat fungi, insects, mites [4].

A special approach is the use of methods of biodynamic agriculture, from the anthroposophic ideas

that Rudolf Steiner developed in a series of lectures in 1924 [3].

In this case, attention is focused to a careful choice of organic fertilizers, of treatments of the soil with natural composting.

The natural rhythms of the moon phases are followed, they are  preferred  agricultural and not purely mineral fertilizers; 

Great attention is paid to the integrated development of the plant in the natural rhythms.


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