Pouring Wine

Before the transfer of wine, you must be perfectly clean all the containers you want to use as: bacteria and micro-organisms can alter the new vintage of wine.
In the market there are excellent products to clean and remove acid residues from wooden barrels and steel, from carboys and bottles. But be careful you should not use scented products and/or degreasers but only special detergents.
Surely, to try to have a good wine, you have had the foresight to choose carefully selecting the grapes in each bunch beans healthier and perfect, having added products sulphite and let aerate the wine.

1) The first wine racking (TRANSFER AUTUMN)
A month after the grape pressing is good to be decanted "racking autumn" in order to remove the slimy deposit that has formed on the bottom of the barrel, in this period of rest. Beware if you delay this might be altered taste and smell of wine.
Once your transfer is appropriate to add products to sanitize the wine, if the grapes had not been perfectly selected. Before doing so it would be appropriate to analyze a sample of wine to a professional service which can recommend the right product and release a detailed analysis.

2) According wine racking (TRANSFER SPRING)
With the winter cold sink to the bottom of the barrel the latest waste wine. E 'therefore necessary to proceed with a second decanting in order to prepare the wine to the summer season. For a perfect preservation of wine it is good to place the barrels in a cool cellar. In this operation you may be required the addition of another Sulfuring in order to keep the wine healthy longer.