Root rot of the vine

The root rot of vines are another common problem. The fungal organisms attack plant roots, killing the plant ..
Among the major pests which create root rot of vines there are the Armillaria mellea (Brad) or Rosellinia necatrix (rot woolly) and the Roesleria hypogaea. These fungi prefer damp and cold then occurs mostly in autumn.

Eradicate this disease is complex and difficult because you do not know the origin of this infection and how to spread. In addition there are products chemically effective to destroy the root rot of the vine.

In order to avoid infection, you need to constantly prophylaxis to check that he had contracted the strain and especially once identified immediately remove the plant.

The damage caused by root rot of vines are evident as they lead to the gradual decay of the screw. There are two factors that increase the spread of this disease: The heavy rains that cause the increase of moisture and the weakness of the plant that is in poor soil nutrients. In this last case enrich the soil with fertilizers and manure.

The root rot of vines are easy to spot because in their presence you feel a strong smell of fungus, the bark of the vine has raised more points. The vine leaves begin to dry out and fall off quickly and the plant begins to gradually lose vitality. The fruits are small, weak or even insufficient