Seeds of grapes

It can draw great benefit from eating grapes beans, and perhaps not everyone knows the properties enjoyed by grape seeds, or grape seed.

The seeds of grapes in fact possess many properties, the most important of which there is the presence of antioxidant elements of great benefit to health.

First of all the qualities that they possess the seeds of grapes there is vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant also present in olive oil, nuts and almonds.

Abundant in vegetable oils and also in grape seeds, it is linoleic acid, essential fatty acid, that man produces but not in sufficient quantities and must obtain it from the diet.

Polyphenols and tannins enrich the composition of the seeds of grapes: recent studies have shown gastro protective and anticarcinogenic properties of these compounds, which are also used as antibacterials.

From the seeds of grapes it yields a flour which, if included in the diet, helps to counteract the degeneration of blood vessels, purifies the skin, strengthens the structure of proteins.

Extracts, oils and creams produced from the seeds of grapes are used by pharmaceutical companies for medicines and cosmetics: an aid to health and wellness.