Our company located in the province of Brescia always looking for new products, expands and renews its range of products with those related to technology of viticulture.

We can supply complete systems, accessories and advice to improve the quality of your vineyard.

Technical advice

For the planting of any vineyard, in addition to the aspects of agronomic, necessary to make detailed and accurate economic considerations.

Detailed analysis of the methodology, techniques and materials with which to draw during the implantation (poles, wire, wire tensioner, guardians, etc.) are necessary to ensure a certain result of the entrepreneur.

And is for this reason that The Vine is following step by step from a pre-sales advice and assistance to after-sales support.

For each of our products, it was therefore necessary to study the possible geometry, the material and the cycle of creation so that different products can meet the requirements of functionality, practicality, durability and low costs viticulture requires.


We deliver our products both in Italy and abroad on time and with accuracy through our couriers to your destination.

Our drivers are trained professionals with transportation means duly equipped and able to face any situation.

Due to the lack of sideboards and thanks to the crane they are able to unload in any environment without the need to use the forklift (service to be required specifically when placing an order).

Disposal of old poles

Our disposal service of old iron or concrete poles (considered by the law in force as special waste), fully responds to the specific needs of the agriculture sector by eliminating the bureaucratic difficulties, the high costs and the lack of specific services in many areas of Italy, which have always been a hindrance to the replacement of an outdated plant (service to be required specifically when placing an order).