The evil of bait

Esca is one of the most urgent problems to be solved fungal plant protection. Esca looks better during the time of pruning as with the incisions that are made to the various branches, the plants are most vulnerable to be attacked by fungi.

In order to run for cover, often the Esca is stopped with wax, tar or glues but these are only palliative since they do not allow the proper healing.

Of noted scholars, Alexander Yarin and his colleagues at the University of Illinois have discovered a new product made of breathable material and is completely biodegradable can heal wounds and prevent the formation of esca infection and allow the healing of the cuts.

This new material that stops the Esca, is in the form of the patch. This patch is placed on a support of rayon and consists of a network of nanofibers that is formed by the union of a synthetic biodegradable polymer and the protein of the processing waste of the soybean.

This "patch" allows then to defend the branches injured by cuts from the attack of Esca and especially allows plant cells to breathe.

Currently underway are the first tests in California.