Treatment of the vineyard

For the implementation of the treatments for the vineyard, it is important to assess environmental conditions, adjusting machinery, doses of pesticides.

The optimal environmental conditions to avoid the dispersion of the product are not sought, first, the absence of wind, and a temperature below 24 ° C.

Concerning the use of the machines, you can assume a forward speed of about 5 km / h along the rows, a little 'less if you do the treatment on alternate rows.

Means provided about 10 hectoliters per hectare of vineyard, where not otherwise specified;
regarding the duration of treatment is provided a half hour for each hectare.

Now for the main treatments of the vineyard against two very insidious pest: downy mildew and powdery mildew.
In principle for treatment of downy mildew can use the rule of three tens: 10 cm of shoots on the plant, environmental temperature below 10 ° C and a thickness of the rain to the ground of at least 10 mm.

About a week after the precipitation of rain, in the above conditions, you can proceed to the first treatment with pesticides with copper compounds and mashes

The substances most indicated for the treatment against powdery mildew are the compounds based on sulfur.
If you do not expect a high risk you can proceed with the treatment of the vineyard in the period from fruit early veraison with antioidici.

Remember that the sulfur in the presence of high temperatures has toxic effects on the screws: concentrate treatment of the vineyard in the cool hours of the day or evening.