Vast is the number of vines on our territory. In brief summary here are some of the principal.

Red grape variety spread in Basilicata, Puglia, Campania, grown in areas of massive Taburno and Vulture, Avellino and Benevento. Typical system: Guyot. The wine has a smooth taste and complex, very aromatic

Barbera is a grape spread, red berry: there are numerous DOC and DOCG wines produced from Barbera, for example in the areas of Asti and Monferrato, Colli Piacentini, Oltrepò Pavese, Botticino, Garda. Type of system: Guyot. Full-bodied, dry wine, ruby ​​red color with garnet

Brachetto d'Acqui
Asti and Monferrato are the areas where it has spread. In the tradition loved by the Piedmontese mask Gianduia, ruddy and cheerful. Sparkling wine courteous. Against plant-back. Light ruby ​​red color

Widespread in Veneto, Friuli and Alto Adige. Of French origin, this grape variety gives ruby ​​red wine, dry, intense. It can be aged in oak barrels.

Cannonau vineyards are present all over Sardinia. Considered of Spanish origin, recent findings and analysis suggest the indigenous variety, fine ancient times. It also gives life to a variety liqueur.

Sicily is the most popular white grape variety. Used together with Grillo and Inzolia is an ingredient in the Marsala. Bred espalier Guyot.

Aa white grape vine, Burgundy origin where it yields such as Chablis. Spread all over Europe, comes to compose the Franciacorta wines. Plant cordon, Guyot and others.

And 'the many wines from the area of ​​Sannio and Campi Flegrei, wine of the Imperial Court of Naples. The resulting wine is dry, harmonious, with floral notes. Shaped main farming: Guyot.

Red berry, grown in the area of ​​Asti and Monferrato. Enters, together with Freisa and Barbera, to produce the Barbesino in Casale Monferrato. It 'a very sensitive grape to the adversities of life in general, more resistant to late blight.

Of ancient origin, breeding is now restricted to the Valtenesi, in the hills of Lake Garda. Mixed together with Sangiovese, Marzemino and Barbera, contributes in the production of claret.

Red grape, the Lambrusco is grown in areas Modena and Reggio Emilia, Mantova. The resulting sparkling wine and sparkling wine, with hints of spice. Used in the preparation of meat and rice dishes.

Malvasia is a red grape variety but mostly white, widespread in most regions of Italy, of ancient origins. The white variety you get a sweet wine, sweet and intense.

Grown in Trentino, it is originally from Brescia and Padua. Vinified produces dessert wines and sparkling, full-bodied and well structured.

Red grape, originally from the Bordeaux area. Bred mainly in the North East of Italy, introduced by France in the area of ​​Conegliano. They obtained dry wines and soft, very influenced by the growth medium.

It is the grape that gives rise to the Moscato d'Asti, slightly sparkling or still, and Muscat of Pantelleria, Zibibbo or, of North African origin. And 'resistant to downy mildew and powdery mildew.

Müller Thurgau
In the Adige valley it has grown this variety of Germanic origins. It produces a white wine taste fresh and dry.

Astigiano widespread and Langhe this red grape variety, it gives rise to pure Barolo and Barbaresco, wines of the highest quality that resist aging.

This grape variety has black, white, gray. Pinot Blanc is a grape of German origin, the Alsace and Lorraine regions. Pinot Noir has instead Burgundian origins, red berry, and is vinified as white grapes for Champagne. It 'a vine winemaking complex, a challenge for the winemaker. Pinot Grigio, also vinified white, has an amber color, fruity taste.
It is a white grape variety, known since the time of Pliny the Elder and the Emperor Augustus. Called in ancient times "Pucino", gives rise to a wine of the most exported abroad. And 'grown in the area of ​​Triveneto, particularly in Treviso, Conegliano and Valdobbiadene reached DOCG

Sangiovese red grape variety, has ancient origins. It 'a vine widespread in Italy, in the areas of Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Campania also. Vinified alone it gives rise to Brunello wine among the most famous in the world.

It 'a grape of French origin from which acquires the name "wild-sauvage", a white grape, grown in the area of ​​Friuli. It 'a champion of the Collio area, the border with Slovenia. In taste it stands out the acidity, with notes of fruit and herbs: better taste it within a few years of aging.

White grape or black, now called Friulano to distinguish it from the Hungarian Tokaji. Vinified in white, to produce the historical Tocai.