The vine is a plant that grows well in drought conditions, but it is important to intervene with irrigation if this was too long, we recommend the use of concrete posts. Irrigation is especially important in the breeding phase of the vineyard and in the summer months if they were to drought conditions that tend to cause a reduction in photosynthesis and a decrease in quality with delayed maturation of the grapes. One significant water stress on plants can be visually recognized in the field where you can see the tips of the buds and the basal leaves and dead vines exposed yellow or even absent. From fruit veraison a good water supply has a positive effect on the magnitude of the berry. Instead, a slight water stress in the final phase of maturation, limited vegetative growth and results in a greater transport of carbohydrates to the clusters, resulting in an overall increase in quality, especially in red wines, more colorful and less astringent tannins.
A special precautions deserves the production of table grapes: in addition to normal water supplies are administered nutrients, this practice is known as fertigation.
Saw the heaviness of table grapes is appropiate to install concrete posts to hold the most of the plant. The irrigation strategy currently most widespread is drip irrigation, which allows you to administer the water and nutrients in moderation so as to control the water deficit and nutritional status according to the quality, and in this way the irrigation control and fertigation is better, therefore they are consequently also the quality and the efficiency of fertilization.