Processing of grapes

The first stage in the processing of the grapes is the cultivation of the vine.
It 'important to know the characteristics of the soil prior to implantation of the vines,
to be able to so provveddere to the most suitable solutions for their growth.
The chemical-physical analysis of the soil is of help for the choice of fertilizers more suited to the processing of grapes, so as to counter the adversities of the screw.
Also the presence of a turf fights the phenomenon of soil erosion and contributes to
Optimization of terroir: the set of climatic conditions, soil and waters create the ideal conditions for the germination and growth of rooted cuttings.
The farming systems, in Italy there are more than thirty, affect productivity and processing of grapes and grape.
Once they are all previous conditions, proceed to the creation of the system, to the cultivation of the vineyard, balancing vegetation and bunches.
The grapes reached maturity, the phase of the harvesting period is a delicate and decisive, since it may jeopardize not only the success of the subsequent steps of processing grapes, but also the plant itself.
When the grapes will become table grapes, we proceed to packaging and distribution as the final stages of grape processing.
If the grapes are grown for wine we will proceed to stripping, before, after or during the pressing, with mechanical or manual processing of the grapes, and the subsequent transformation of the grape juice by the fermentation process of 'grapes start to winemaking.