Iron stakes

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The semi-hard iron rod, of the same type used in the building industry, can be a robust and economical support. Among the drawbacks there is the formation of rust, which can be transmitted to the wires damaging them.

The problem can be eliminated with hot galvanized iron rods already cut according to the size needed, but the costs are almost doubled. In Germany and Switzerland it is quite common a type of zig-zag (wavy) shaped steely iron, light but strong, which is planted out with the young seedling. Again you can use the iron as it is, painted or galvanized, bearing in mind that the costs vary significantly. An interesting variation to ensure the vertical stability of the iron stake is the chair-shaped bending.




ø 6 lengths:

1.00-1.10-1.30-1.50-1.80 m

ø 7 lengths:

1.00-1.10-1.20-1.30-1.50-1.80 m

ø 8 lengths:

1.00-1.10-1.30-1.50-1.80 m

ø 10 lengths:

1.00-1.10-1.20-1.30-1.50-1.80 m


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