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The GDC and Trentino pergola cultivation systems in the vineyards need robust and durable bearing structures. The bearing system is the ensemble of the different solutions required to create the final structure, where the plant will be laid and fixed and, according to the type of cultivation that has to be realized, it is necessary to have systems with different shape, size and weight.

Commonly known as brackets, the support systems are metal structures constituted by beamed and hot drawn steel that is then cut, shaped and welded forming the bearing structure that once mounted on the pole, will provide support to the wires which will be the plants supports. The designed brackets are the result of a constant  research to improve existing products and develop innovative ones for the customer’s needs.

In the implementation of the brackets using only first choice material to guarantee stability, robustness and resilience of the support system, in particular the steel is bent, cut and welded without altering the physical and chemical characteristics.

PROTECTION OVER THE TIME: To protect the steel from the normal process of oxidation, the brackets are galvanized. After a degreasing, washing and preheating treatment, the brackets are dipped into molten zinc at 450 °. This technique allows to apply a zinc layer with a thickness of 70-100 microns over the entire internal and external surface and on the processing cuts, ensuring a very durable protection of the steel. This process protects the steel from rust and corrosion and provides a long duration.
Hot dip galvanizing meets all the parameters set by the UNI-EN-ISO-1461.
MECHANICAL STRENGTH: The brackets have the function of bearing important production loads in terms of tens of tons, without failure, while preserving the integrity of the fruit. It means they shall have a high mechanical strength, just think on the loads and vibrations of the grape harvesting machine to which GDC vineyards are exposed

Here below the load capacity for each type of bracket: 



It  is the mobile bracket, both vertically and horizontally, suitable to bear the vertical shaking typical of the mechanical harvesting in the GDC system. The bracket is fixed to the pole through a bracket with two projecting holes where the bracket rotation pin is inserted (made of steel C40), which allows he vertical and horizontal oscillation. At the stop position the bracket is leaned directly on the pole. The bracket for the GDC system developed by the Valente research is very light (only 2.6 kg), but at the same time it is very strong, thanks to the special triangular reinforcements welded on the sides.



for poles 7x7 and 7x8 Weight: 2.71kg
for poles 8x8 Weight: 2.86 kg
for poles 9x9 weight: 2.88 kg
for poles 9x9 weight: 2.88 kg 




It is the bracket used in vineyards with limited production load. The fixing system is the same as the trellis brackets for GDC system.



for poles 7x7 e 7x8  2.874 kg

for poles 8x8           3.024 kg

for poles 9x9           3.044 kg




It is the bracket used in the GDC system to allow the combing operation, the most important and delicate phase of this growing system. The combing bracket is fixed to the bearing bracket (having a trellis or tube), so that the ends of the 1.70 m tube (20 cm more than in the GDC system) receive the wires designed to prevent vegetation to grow towards the internal side. In fact, the GDC system is characterized by two well separated production curtains in order to receive all the benefits of sun and light and allowing the complete mechanization.

Braccetti per pettinatura per sistema GDC



For combing from 1.70 m poles 8x8    2.9

For combing from 1.70 m poles 9x9    2.91

For combing from 1.80 m poles 8x8    2.89




It is a type of bracket used only at the beginning and at the end of the row in GDC systems. The bracket has two tensioners designed to establish and maintain tension in the two GDC bearing wires. In particular, the tensioners have multiple fixing points to guarantee a very good wires stretching. The trapezoidal shape guarantees that the wires start directly from the beginning of the row and the fixing to the head pole allows it to swing in the harvesting delicate phase.

Braccetti di testata a trapezio per sistema GDC



Trapezoidal head brackets without collar 4.8 kg

Trapezoidal head brackets  for poles 8x12 5.37 kg

Trapezoidal head brackets  for poles 9x9 5.31 kg




It is the bracket used which has a pergola shape and where the fruit grows and thanks to its upwards shape the fruit is particularly exposed to light, sun and air for optimal ripeness. The bracket has 6 slots, 3 per side, to support the wires which act as support for the vegetation. In case of soil with steep slopes or limited borders it is preferred the bracket to be developed on one side only.

Braccetti tubolari a Pergola trentina



variant A with univ. connection device 4.1   kg

short with univ. connection device 3.243 kg

half with univ. connection device 2.622 kg

half short with univ. connection device 2.179 kg

asimm with univ. connection device 3.7815kg

C-shaped with univ. connection device 3.959 kg



It is the bracket used in the pergola growing system, where the linear shape of the bracket allows the homogeneous growth of the vegetation that finds enough support and does not fall on the plant. The bracket has up to 4 wire holders, depending on the desired width, which is used to support the vegetation.

Braccetti tubolari dritti



from m 1.00 univ. connection device 2.18 kg

from m 1.20 univ. connection device 2.52 kg 

from m 1.35 univ. connection device 2.73 kg 

from m 1.50 univ. connection device 2.923 kg 

from m 1.80 univ. connection device 3.327 kg

from m 2.00 univ. connection device 3.712 kg

from m 2.40 univ. connection device 4.3 kg




It is used at the end of the rows that mount the straight tubular brackets and pergola type ones, as based on a two tensioners to stretch and maintain two wires tension. It is possible to add additional tensioners in case of multiple tensions. Furthermore, the tensioners have the possibility to have multiple fixing points to guarantee a very good stretching of wires. The tubular shape with rear reinforcement  of this type of bracket confers a very high strength for bearing the wires tension  and the load of the production that they pass to the head. Finally, the fixing method to the head pole is designed to allow and keep in the horizontal position the bracket, even in case of leaning pole.



SUPPLY from:

tensioners   pole type weight(kg)

  2 poles  14x14 0.80 m  4.658 

  2 poles 8x12 0.80 m 4.351 

2 poles 9x9 0.80 m 4.658

[] 2 poles 14x14 1.00 m 4.629 

  2 poles 8x12 1.00 m 4.927

  2 poles 9x9 1.00 m 4.629

  2 poles 14x14 1.20 m 7.866

2 for poles 8x12 1.20 m 7.373

  2 poles 9x9 1.20 m 7.181

  2 poles 14x14 1.50 m 9.47

  2 poles 8x12 1.50 m 9.04

  2 poles 9x9 1.50 m 9,04

  2 poles 14x14 1.80 m 9

  2 poles 8x12 1.80 m 12,68

  2 poles 9x9 1.80 m 9

  2 poles 14x14 2.00 m 9,6

  2 poles 8x12 2.00 m 9,6

  2 poles 9x9 2.00 m 9,6




The bearing brackets have the important function of bearing weights (productions ranging from 30 tons to 50-60 tons) and must be very robust and have a secure, stable and strong fixing system.
The new Universal Fixing System, consists of:
- a junction device that can be adapted to any shape and size of the pole, and therefore it does not need to know in advance which will be section on which it will be fixed, in addition, as universal, the junction device is reusable, even on different sections of piles than which was originally set up;
- the "FLEXI” lock, used for all pole sections of any material, consisting of a steel rope with high resistance but great flexibility, with one end of cylinder shape and the other one in hot-drawn anti-torsion steel bar for the screwing. Thanks to this universal lock, it is not necessary to know the exact section of the pole on which the bracket will be fixed and it is not even necessary to know in advance the direction of the pole to know the side where the bracket will be placed before being fixed.

The new fixing system allows:

- Installation on any type of concrete and wood pole;
- Easy assembly, so that it can be assembled by one person only;
- One only nut to be screwed, therefore saving time during assembling operations;
- Secure and stable fixing able to prevent the bracket to slip and elimination of the "swing" effect, typical of the brackets that lean on the pole with a U-shaped clip that leave great laxity.


designed in three different sizes in order to be used in all pole sections:


Small (length 25,5 cm) for poles 5x5, 6x6, 7x7

Medium:  (length 31,5 cm) for poles 7x8, 8x8, Ø 6/8, Ø 8/10

Big: (length 36 cm) for poles 8x12, 9x9, Ø 10/1


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