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In this section, they are described and offered all the accessories needed to cover the vineyard, useful for fixing (ties, clamps, ropes catch devices ...) and elements suitable for the stretching of clothes and nets.



The anti-rain net or film, once the season where they must be used is closed, they shall be rolled and fixed on the top wire of the structure. To make a good work they are used fastening devices: a simple and effective hook, ANCORANET, ideal for binding the clothes during winter. This is a simple and rapid fastening, which avoids the periodic re-supply of ties for fastenings that are normally scattered on the ground




Quick and easy fastening of the net to the tubes during the non-use


The ropes are used to connect the pole to the anchor in the anchoring system with a rear pull rod, furthermore they are also used in anti-hail systems as connection between the longitudinal and transverse poles, having a balancing function. The ropes are formed by the intertwining of hot galvanized steel wires, avoiding frequent stretching operations or unplanned maintenance. The number of wires varies depending on the use and resistance to be obtained. Generally, they are used steel ropes made up of 19 twisted wires.
The length of the ropes depends on their position in the system and on the distance from the anchors.

rope d         indicated structure
Ø 4             Vineyard Guyot, Cordon, Casarsa
Ø 5             Vineyard Guyot, Cordon, Casarsa
Ø 5             anti-hail Str Piana, Capannina
Ø 6             Vineyard GDC, free Cordon 
Ø 7             Vineyard GDC, free Cordon
Ø 7             anti-hail Str Piana, Capannina




Galvanized steel rope with 7 and 19 wires supplied in coils


rope d    wire d  max all    zinc mass  Development  Tensile strength
  4mm    1.3mm   1 %        140 g/m2   13.51kg=m       1250 kg
  5mm    1.2mm   1 %        130 g/m2    8.4 kg=m        2160 kg
  6mm    1,2mm   1 %        150 g/m2    5.85kg=m       3100 kg
  7mm    1.4mm   1 %        170 g/m2    4.29kg=m       3800 kg
  8mm    1.6mm   1 %        240 g/m2    3.29kg=m       5300 kg
 10mm      2mm   4 %        260 g/m2    2.10kg=m       9500 kg
4/6mm    1.3mm   1 %        140 g/m2    9.71kg=m       1250 kg
6/8mm    1.2mm   1 %        150 g/m2    4.7 kg=m       3100 kg
8/10mm   1.6mm   1 %        240 g/m2    2.75kg=m       5300 kg
10/12mm    2mm   4 %        260 g/m2    1.84kg=m       9500 kg


The rope catch clamp serves to fix the ropes on concrete poles.
They consist of a threaded U-shaped profile of the same section of the pole on which to be mounted and a rope blocking blade, shaped so as to accommodate the rope to be blocked. The ends of the rope blocking clamp are rounded for safety reasons, the nuts (M10) are instead flanged to provide greater clamping force on the blade. Each component is hot galvanized or zinc-aluminum coated to ensure durability and its reuse. 

Fascette fermafune


Light rope blocking clip M8
for concrete poles
for wooden poles

Heavy ropes blocking clips M10
for concrete poles
for wooden poles

Light rope blocking clips M8

1” (ø33) 0.1256 kg; for poles 7x7  0.21 kg; for poles 8x8  0.216 kg; for poles 9x9  0.259 kg
for poles 12x21  0.3257 kg; for poles 10x10  0.259 kg; for poles 11x11  0.307 kg
for poles 12x12  0,313 kg; for poles 14x14  0.33 kg; for poles 8x20   0.284 kg
for poles 6x6 0.1913 kg; for poles 7x7 0.2132 kg; for poles 8x8  0.219 kg; 
for poles 8x12 0.261 kg

Heavy rope blocking clips M10
for poles 14x14  0.427, for poles 9x20   0.3808; for poles 8x8    0.3078
for poles 8x12   0.3395; for poles 9x9    0.3249; for poles 8x12  0.3555

Light rope blocking clamps M8

for poles ø 10 / 12 0.25, for poles ø 8 / 10, 0.25, 0.25 for poles ø 12 / 14


The rope blocking clamps are used to secure wires and ropes, but also for securing net blocking rings or other accessories. The clamp consists of a threaded steel clamp and a forged steel base; the closure is constituted of flanged nuts that give more pressure to the base. All clamps are zinc-plated to ensure durability and reuse.

The distance between the clamps shall be of at least 1.5 cm and not more than 3 times the width of the body of the clamp. The final stretch of the rope and the minimum number of clamps shall be as shown in the table (divided by each diameter of the rope):
Ø 6 19.2 cm 3 clamps
Ø 8 32.0 cm 4 clamps
Ø 10 cm 32.0 4 clamps

The clamp nuts shall be tightened again after the application of the load on the rope.





Clamps for wire ropes
ø6 (1 / 4) 0.0315
ø8 (5 / 16) 0.0415
ø10 (3 / 8) 0.078


The plates are used to join the anti-hail cloths and ensure the complete closure of the covered surface. They are made from high quality plastic, guaranteed to bear temperatures ranging between +50 and -30 degrees and durability.

The plate is designed to ensure:
- Quickness during the first assembly
- Ability to take it off from the net and reposition it at will
- Quickness of spring and winter opening and closing
- Wide clamping surface of the net 
- High tensile strength

Placchette fermarete



small plates for net blocking
photos 0.072
Simple 0.013
With hook 0.0232
Comb 0.011
Open-ring 0.03
For poles edge 0.0095
With anchored hook 0.04






Galvanized spring catch
5x50 0.015 kg
6x60 0.03 kg
4x40 0.03 kg


Plastic spring catch 0.016 kg



Forche aprirete

Open net & reinforcement forks
L= m 1.70
for poles 14x14 7.282
for poles 8x12 7.214
for poles 9x9 7.209
L= m 2.00
for poles 14x14 7.726
for poles 8x12 7.658
for poles 9x9 7.653
L= m 2.50
for poles 14x14 8.56
for poles 8x12 8.491
for poles 9x9 8.487

Open net forks
L= m 1.70
for poles 14x14 4.926
for poles 8x12 4.857
for poles 9x9 4.852
L= m 2.00
for poles 10x10 5.37
for poles 14x14 5.37
for poles 8x12 5.301
for poles 9x9 5.296
L= m 2.50
for poles 14x14 6.203
for poles 8x12 6.135
for poles 9x9 6.13


Tubular elements necessary to wind and support the net and the cloth. They tubes have a 30 mm diameter in different lengths:

hot galvanized WINDING NET TUBES ø 33
L=1.00m  1.67  kg; L=1.20m  1.836 kg; L=1.30m  1.989 kg; L=1.40m  2.142 kg
L=1.50m  2.295 kg; L=1.70m  2.601 kg; L=1.80m  2.754 kg; L=1.90m  2.907 kg
L=2.00m  3.06  kg; L=2.10m  3.213 kg; L=2.20m  3.366 kg; L=2.30m  3.519 kg
L=2.40m  3.672 kg; L=2.50m  3.825 kg; L=2.60m  3.978 kg; L=2.70m  4.131 kg
L=2.80m  4.284 kg; L=2.90m  4.437 kg; L=3.00m  4.59  kg; L=3.10m  4.743 kg
L=3.20m  4.896 kg; L=3.60m  5.508 kg; L=3.70m  5.661 kg; L=3.80m  5.814 kg
L=3.90m  5.967 kg; L=4.50m  6.885 kg

Hot galvanized UNWINDING NET TUBES Ø33
L=0.70m  1.022 kg; L=0,80m  1.168 kg; L=1.00m  1.46  kg; L=1.20m  1.752 kg
L=1.30m  1.898 kg; L=1.50m  2.19  kg; L=1.60m  2.336 kg; L=1.70m  2.482 kg
L=1.80m  2.628 kg; L=2.00m  2.92  kg; L=2.20m  3.212 kg; L=2.40m  3.504 kg
L=2.50m  3.65  kg; L=2.60m  3.796 kg; L=2.70m  3.942 kg; L=3.00m  4.38  kg
L=3.20m  4.672 kg; L=3.80m  5.548 kg

There are also:

Galvanized ring ø 20 0.012 kg
Galvanized ring ø 90 0.162 kg
Blocking net needles 0.007 kg
Biadhesive band 0.292 kg
Double cover elastic kg x 0.028 m
Single wire black stabilized polyethylene 0.40 for sewing
Anodized iron hook

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