Anchor fastening

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The anchoring system with a rear tie rod includes the use of ropes that connect the pole to the anchor itself. The ropes are formed by the intertwining of hot galvanized steel wires, a material that provides high strength, low elongation and long life thanks to the high thickness of zinc, thus avoiding frequent stretching operations or unplanned maintenance. The number of wires varies depending on the use and resistance to be obtained. Generally they are used ropes made up of 19 twisted wires. The length of the ropes depends on their position in the system and the distance from the anchors.

To simplify the use of ropes, the rope is provided with Slipknot: it is a galvanized steel rope with end having a loop shape that has to be threaded in the pole and connected to the anchor in tension: an anchoring system with a rear tie rod very easy to assemble




4.5 mt of steel cable with accessories to allow the tension






Slotted rope for anchor ø7



Unified slotted rope for anchor ø7:

 length                weight
 m 2.5                 0.72 kg
 m 3                    0.85 kg
 m 4                    1.05 kg
 m 5                    1.29 kg
 m 6                    1.52 kg

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