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The anti-hail net, but also the shading net, is the most important element of the protection system, therefore it shall be produced with high quality materials and built with the best technique in order to have a very light cloth but also strong and durable . The quality of the wire and the raw material used and the weaving technique are therefore fundamental.

To weave anti-hail net it is used the plastic single wire. Such material is made by extrusion, mixing and passing through the perforated grid (extruders) the high density polyethylene (HDPE). The wire is then heat stabilized, which is heated to bring down all the retractions which normally has the plastic exposed also to low heat.

It can extrude wires with different diameters, consequently, having materials with different resistances. The wire used by the firm Valente to weave anti-hail nets, has a nominal diameter of 0.31 mm diameter:  this diameter guarantees a strength of at least 3 kg per wire. This means that the Valente anti-hail net is able to support very strong hails.

Rete antigrandine


Single wire anti-hail net 0.32:

Grey x 0.046 kg m2

Black x 0.046 kg m2

White x 0.046 kg m2


White shading:

cloth 30% x 0.077 kg m2

Shading 75% x 0.145 kg m2


Black shading:

cloth 30% x 0.077 kg m2

Shading 50% x 0.095 kg m2

Shading 75% x 0.145 kg m2




The rainproof cloth is a cover used to prevent the breakage of the product and the resultant inability to sell. In fact, with it rains, the fruit is wet, it swells and breaks, encouraging the growth of mold and rot. The rainproof cloth is a type of cover that is becoming popular among the modern crops, preserving
the fruit production and encouraging the advance production given to the microclimate that is formed under the cover.
The Valente rainproof cloth is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), enriched with substances that produce, as much as necessary, a thermal insulating effect. These conditions can lead to aging the product in advance, which varies depending on the variety of fruit and general weather conditions of 20/30 days compared to an uncovered product.

Telo antipioggia


Neutral rainproof cloth with eyelets every 50 cm x 0.235 kg m2

White plastic film 90 cm wide of cover for sheets x 0.112 kg m2


For more information see the attached PDF file.

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