Propeller shaped anchors

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This is the most simple, versatile and economical anchorage system, especially suitable go grounds free of skeleton. The planting takes place by rotation around the axis of the anchor rod, so that the helicoidal part can be tightened deep into the soil until the desired depth.

It has an excellent grip and provides immediate tensioning of the system. In the vineyards and orchards it is used in case of particularly long rows (normally up to 250 meters) and where the espaliers have not great heights, in orchards with anti-hail cover using larger helical anchors (stem and plate thickness) to allow a safe paling and an adequate strength.
The propeller-shaped anchors cannot be used in rocky grounds.

Our propellers have the loop coming out from the ground in red paint, to make it particularly visible in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.



Ancora ad elica


small galvanized propeller:

of m 0.80 - plate ø140 800/12/140  1.16 kg

of m 1.00 - plate ø140 1000/12/140 1.34 kg


Large galvanized propeller:

of m 1.00 - plate ø180 1000/14/180  2.03 kg

of m 1.20 - plate ø180 1200/14/180  2.29 kg



Ancore ad elica non zincate




Non-galvanized propeller

of m 1.50 plate ø250 1500/26/250-8  10.2 kg

of m 1.50 plate ø300 1500/26/300-8  10.97kg

of m 1.30 plate ø200 1300/20/200-6  5.15 kg

of m 1.50 plate ø250 1500/26/250-6  8.73 kg

of m 1.50 plate ø300 1500/26/300-6  11.5 kg

of m 1.50 plate ø400 1500/26/400-8  15.15kg


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