Wood stakes

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By sawing large trunks of naturally resistant woods such as black-tree and the azobé they are obtained sawn wood stakes. The duration will be high here (10-15 years) ,with tree trunks grown slowly in dry environment, using only the heartwood. The wooden stakes are usually cut into square or slightly rectangular, in sizes calculated according to the expected stress to be bore, up to a minimum of 15'15 mm. The cut is made first in one direction, to obtain the desired thickness axes, which are then processed with and automatic multi-disc machine that can cut several pallets simultaneously. The costs fairly contained have favoured a widespread use, particularly for azobè and black locust. The best results are achieved by reaching, in the firm,  an accurate aging in well-ventilated and shaded environment, with the stakes tied in bundles to prevent warping and cracking. The locust wood and the azobé are very hard but fragile brittle, especially at the knots.





Autoclaved with quaternary copper


Raw pine stake with sharp edge a Ø 2.5 / 4

Raw pine stake with sharp edge Ø 3.5 / 5.5

Raw pine stake with sharp edge Ø 5 / 6

Nerved round wood stake Ø 8 - h 1500

Nerved round wood stake Ø 10 - h 1200


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