The accessories we provide are:

Shelter, vine cutting planting needle, unwinder, wires insertion kit, Fenox pliers, Gripple pliers, pole Mallet, Bumpers, thread-stretcher spool key, shackle Key.

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Hooks for union wires

These types of hooks are used to hold together the wires ..For wire diameter from 1.2 to 1.6 mm For wire diameter from 1.8 to 2.2 mm

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Biodegradable hooks for viticulture

This type of hook, which is used for tying the rows, has been entirely contrived to be used in viticulture...

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Plate staples

A fixing of the wires on wooden poles that is functional, durable and with limited costs is possible with elements of wire called staples (U-shaped nails) and other similar. They are fixed to the wooden pole and, thanks to the large flat surface they can be very easily planted also into very hard woods...

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The locking of the support for the vine to the row wire shall be assigned to a clip that is affordable, easy to install and which provides the locking of the stake both horizontally and vertically and that does not break away under the impact with the harvesters rods...

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They are hooks used to hold together the pairs of mobile wires in vertical growth of green sprouts . They are made of different materials: PVC, aluminum, corn starch, pressed wood

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Different nails among which: nail for chains, spacer nail , in stainless steel or in nickel...

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