The second system to secure the head pole is the anchor, comprising an element driven into the ground, in the external side of the row (in line with this one), and one or more connecting wires. If this system is proportionate to the height of the head, the stresses of the wires and the nature of the soil, ensures a great and durable stability...

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Propeller shaped anchors

This is the most simple, versatile and economical anchorage system, especially suitable go grounds free of skeleton. The planting takes place by rotation around the axis of the anchor rod, so that the helicoidal part can be tightened deep into the soil until the desired depth...

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Concrete plate anchors

For the most extreme working conditions due to the length of the rows, slope, light soils, the safest solution is represented by concrete plates to be planted into the ground...

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Nail Anchor

This revolutionary product is presented as the most versatile tool for the anchoring of the tested soil is very tenacious and rich texture..

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Anchor fastening

The anchoring system with a rear tie rod includes the use of ropes that connect the pole to the anchor itself. The ropes are formed by the intertwining of hot galvanized steel wires, a material that provides high strength...

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