The support post are positioned normally the year after planting out. These must be properly chosen by the farmer..


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Post T for vineyards

The Vineyards is always attentive to the needs of the customers, he has found the right way to use the poles T, which is usually used in fences, adapting it for use in viticulture

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Post C for vineyards inner slots

This type of post C for vineyards with inner slots, is ideal for vineyards high mechanization. The shape of the profile and rib pole, combined with the quality of steel used ..

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Metal post for vineyards

This new metal post for vineyards is presented in a form entirely new. This post unlike previous posts that had the slot or internal or external slot, comes with recessed slot. This new conception of Metal Post was designed to find a proper proportion and try to standardize as much as possible the production lines by increasing the performance of the metal post and fully satisfy customer needs ..

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Wood post for vineyards and anchards

They are used mainly for their low environmental impact and for their flexibility, combined with the possibility of mechanizing the harvest and pruning. They have a reduced duration, compared to the life of the vineyard...

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Concrete post

The reinforced concrete is not a real building material but a technique for creating poles, designed to optimize the compression efforts, to the benefit of the work of the concrete. The prestress is provided to the post when it is realized. The concrete is made up of two components...

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Galvanized post for vineyards

Are cold-rolled steel post where the hooks are joined outside the main building through a special reinforced seam makes them more robust and less susceptible to the action of deforming machine harvesters. This type of galvanized posts can have different finishes such as hot dip galvanizing, pre-galvanized...

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Post in corten

The Cor-Ten (English CORrosion resistance+TENsile strength) was patented in 1933 by the American United States Steel Corporation, as high-strength low-alloy steel and passivating, defined 'patinable'.

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Post Type Profil Alsace

Post type Profil Alsace are used in those plants with the growing form of espalier and in all its variants (Guyot, single or double renovated cordon, arch and a half arch cordon frames, spurred cordon)...

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Carbon steel post

Post made of rolled steel and rolled steel 15/10 and 20/10 have the characteristic to be particularly resistant to chemical and weathering agents, representing the winning answer to the needs of modern viticulture...

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