The presence of a stake for each plant provides the perfect verticality of the stump and contributes to the solidity and stability of the row. Not to interfere with the mechanization of the various farming operations, including harvesting, it is necessary to choose robust and durable materials and treat carefully the fastening of the stake to the wires...

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Stakes sheet with clips ø 8

Our stakes sheet with clips appear lightweight, comfortable and practical use. The tubes are empty. We recommend them to those who usually uses bamboo stakes as they have a longer life.

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Iron stakes

The semi-hard iron rod, of the same type used in the building industry, can be a robust and economical support. Among the drawbacks there is the formation of rust, which can be transmitted to the wires damaging them...

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Bamboo stakes

The bamboo cane is produced in abundance in several Eastern Countries (China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc..) from which it can be imported already packed in bundles...

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Fiberglass stakes

For those who do not want metal braces for cosmetic reasons but wish strength and durability are ideal guardian of the fiberglass rods produced by pultrusion.Available in diameters from 6.8 -10 -12 mm..

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Plastic stakes

The plastic stakes (PVC), proposed thirty five years ago, had a considerable distribution in many wine-growing areas and are still used in lengths up to the first or second bearing wire or, less frequently, until the last wire...

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Galvanized stakes

The stake as well as being the fundamental support of the vine, for a correct vertical growth toward the wire, it has also in the early stages of growing an importance for the resistance it has to offer to the machines processing the under-file...

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Wood stakes

By sawing large trunks of naturally resistant woods such as black-tree and the azobé they are obtained sawn wood stakes. The duration will be high here (10-15 years) ,with tree trunks grown slowly in dry environment, using only the heartwood...

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