To cultivate with peace and the guarantee to obtain a quality production, the covers against the weathering agents have become really necessary. The covering systems are safe and durable structures, able to allow the farmer a quick and easy maintenance.
Even the accessories necessary for the system meet this philosophy, the whole family of the "KOPERTURA" items are designed to be durable and easy to use.

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Poles covering caps

The covering caps are placed with pressure on the upper end of the pole, which fit perfectly without coming off since the section of the hole is slightly smaller than the pole. As a further precaution it has been used an eye screw to fix the cap permanently...

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Covering net and cloth

The anti-hail net, but also the shading net, is the most important element of the protection system, therefore it shall be produced with high quality materials and built with the best technique in order to have a very light cloth but also strong and durable . The quality of the wire and the raw material used and the weaving technique are therefore fundamental...

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Accessories for vineyards cover

In this section, they are described and offered all the accessories needed to cover the vineyard, useful for fixing (ties, clamps, ropes catch devices ...) and elements suitable for the stretching of clothes and nets...

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